Windscreen replacement guidelines

Zone A: 290mm wide, centred on the steering wheel, bound by the wiped area above and below. Damage contained within a 10mm diameter is repairable.

Zone B: Driver's wiped area, excluding Zone A. Damage within a 15mm diameter is repairable.

Zone C: Passenger's wiped area, excluding Zone B. Damage within a 25mm area is repairable.

Zone D: All areas excluded by Zones A, B and C. Damage contained within a 40mm diameter is repairable.
Here at Colchester Motorglass, we take pride in our glass repair service. They conform fully to the industry standards of BS AU 2424 1998.

These guidelines set out when a window should be repaired or replaced.
Cracked windscreen repair - Colchester, Essex - Colchester Motorglass - windscreen repair

Glass repair

At Colchester Motorglass, we can repair the windows on the majority of vehicles.

Whether these are minor chips or large areas of damage, our experienced staff will be able to repair it.

We can perform a repair service on cars, vans, motor homes and more besides.

Chips fixed

A successful repair can also satisfy MOT pass criteria.

If you get a chip in your windscreen, don't delay in calling us. Unless fixed right away, they can worsen very quickly, especially in extreme weather conditions.

How it works

Windscreen chip repair works by injecting a clear resin into the damage under pressure and then polishing the resin so it is flush with the windscreen after a curing process.

This will leave the area fully sealed, thus prolonging the life of your windscreen.
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