Customer satisfaction

At Colchester Motorglass, we pride ourselves on the quality of our service.

When we have finished a job, we will invite the customer to inspect the vehicle to make sure it is to their satisfaction.
Once we are done, we make sure the car is free of debris. We will also clean and polish the windscreen, making sure there is no mess left behind.
Windscreen replacement quote - Colchester, Essex - Colchester Motorglass - size of damage

Windscreen replacement

With over 23 years of experience in fitting glass to cars, you can be sure of a quality service from Colchester Motorglass.

If you haven't used us before, we would like to describe to you what happens when you order one of our technicians over to replace your windscreen.

The next step

The technician will then strip any parts required and safely remove the windscreen.

The body and the windscreen will be prepared with the correct primer, leaving it to cure for the prescribed period.

Then new sealant will be applied and the windscreen fitted. Any parts removed by the technician will be replaced.

What happens

Upon arrival, the technician will park in a courteous manner and find the customer.

The technician will check the glass condition and that it matches the vehicle requirements. At this point, we will check previously agreed terms.

The technician will then check the vehicle is positioned in a safe manner and for any damage.

If your windscreen needs replacing, call us on 
0800 511 8482
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